A single project may hit many retail and communication touchpoints, requiring the creative to be articulated in many different ways. Design, print, implementation and action, to name just the basics.


Until now, there haven’t been any specialist providers with the depth of knowledge to help you stay focused on the big picture (while they tackle the devil in the details).


Our Xfactory team are talented experts who will work alongside your in-house team to inspire, educate and teach them about innovation and world-class delivery.


Alternatively, we can develop your creative execution for you to ensure exceptional execution in store and engagement with shoppers.


An Xfactory integrated idea may include (but is not limited to):

  • Creative articulation and design

  • Creative application to retail touchpoints

  • POS and ticketing

  • POP activation

  • Promotional programs

  • Product launches

  • Packaging

  • Digital content

  • Exterior and interior signage

  • Windows and events

  • Merchandising and display

  • Store set up guidelines and planograms

  • Print and procurement, distribution & logistics

  • Staff incentives

  • Store reviews and audits.


Xfactory is:

  • The best of retail creative design capability

  • Consistent talent capability applied to the right places at the right time

  • Real life retail operational implementation knowledge, retail experience and shopper insights

  • All rolled together into one.


While every in-house design team is unique, our experience has showed us that there are some very common challenges.


Fortunately, we know how to solve them. And we’ve launched a series of design training workshops to teach others.


There are some absolutely incredible in-house retail production teams out there – but often in-house designers lack the opportunities or exposure to get inspiration from what’s happening in the retail sector.


We’ve all seen the result. Cookie-cutter executions punched out quickly and easily, over and over again, to meet volume requirements.


Added to this is often overwhelming ‘internal design overrides’ (yes, everyone has an opinion). This results in weak brand articulation.


Effective retail communications execution and creative ideas are a blend of art and science. This means considering stuff like:

  • High level, eye level, buy level.

  • What converts a shopper into a buyer.

  • How the heck that poster is going to communicate the offer with all that info on it.


Our Xfactory team will work alongside your in-house team to inspire, educate and teach them about world-class, best-in-class creative innovation.



Cultivating world-class retail design gurus

The programme is a highly interactive blend of theory, case studies, peer learning and inspiration. You’ll develop a new-found appreciation for the roles that designers can play within large organisations, a diagnosis of your team’s current situation, and a personal plan for your own capability development.


You’ll learn about the intersection of business and design and the established fields of design leadership and design management.


Through a series of interactive and reflective activities, you’ll be introduced to practical frameworks and tools to diagnose the current state of design within your own organisation and plan for its future role (including the skills you need to develop to grow into your future leadership role).


By the end of this programme you will have:

  • Learned about the range of organisations designers are present in today and the types of roles they’re taking on.

  • Learned about different models of design team and their implications for the culture of creativity created and skills needed by designers.

  • Have heard from design leaders about what they have learned during a career forged establishing in-house design teams.

  • Reflected upon the current and potential role of design within your own organisation.

  • Been introduced to a design leadership and management capabilities framework and identified areas for your own future personal development.


We know all the pain points, because we've been there. And we also know what needs to be done to take your team from good to great.


Alternatively, maybe you don’t have an in-house design team yet and aren’t sure where to start?


We can help with that too. Get in touch to find out more.