Do you struggle getting the right posters and marketing communications put up in store? Does it arrive in the right quantities, with the right messages, to the right stores, and get put up in the right place and on time?

Lots of retailers struggle with these challenges, but in retail, nothing should be left to chance. Experience and

results prove that in-store marketing communications converts shoppers into buyers. But you have to get it right.

Retailers have a myriad of people juggling spreadsheets, ordering copious amounts of marketing print with specific messages for certain stores only for it to fall down on compliance. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to replace time-consuming guesswork with smart, fast marketing deployment.

RMS empowers businesses to manage and deploy in-store marketing, compliance and communication quickly and accurately. Trusted by head offices and their stores, nothing in the market quite like it.


And it delivers results.

Does your retail business want:

  • intuitive visual aids and a cost saving platform

  • reduced staffing costs, better accountability, and more consistency of 
    in-store programs, locally, regionally and nationally

  • less repetition and more creativity

  • user-friendly automation freeing up time and resources

  • better conversion and return on marketing investment

If so, take control of your retail communications
today with RMS.
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“In-store marketing communications

drives a 3 to 4 times greater sales lift

when it is part of the in-store program.*”

* At least that's what research from Prime consulting group says