2degrees, the disruptive telco, worked hard to forge its place in the NZ mobile network and Kiwi customers' hearts and minds. Building a strong national brand in a short timeframe requires agility and a number 8 wire attitude to get the job done. After years of growth, 2degrees paused to take stock, evaluate the wins, take learnings from the impact of rapid organisational growth, and define the next steps.


2degrees engaged RetailX to help reimagine their New Retail  brand experience. Our involvement has been right across their three retail disciplines - Merchandise, Operations, and Marketing - which required delivery across multiple work streams: Brand Strategy, Customer & Brand Experience, Retail Store Design, Marketing, and Merchandise Process and Automation. 


Taking a lead role in reimagining the in-store brand experience, we worked alongside 2degrees' existing brand partners, Special Group and Retail Dimension, to drive a new retail store format culminating in delivery of the Queen Street flagship store - where the focus is on service, discovering technology, and providing business solutions and innovation. 

And we've been working alongside the team at 2degrees to help maximise their resources (so they can do more of what really matters), through identification of process efficiencies and automation of critical retail tasks.