Seasonal window programs for Ziera give a boost to their in-house design team’s regular POS and signage programs. However, Ziera have three differing store types requiring different equipment – plus the challenges of various sizes of windows, limited store setup ability, and the requirement to ship all elements to Australia.

The creative design support we provide includes:

  • Window concept creation

  • Print and sampling management

  • Window and seasonal merchandising instructions for stores.




An important new product launch for Ziera called for fresh thinking.


Display plinths were removed from the windows for the period of the promotion, allowing a large format banner to be take centre stage. The shoe range was showcased on a display plinth made of recycled cardboard tubes – with striking overall results.


All elements were card or paper based for both cost-effectiveness and ease of shipping.


It worked so well, the display stand is being retained for use in future promotions – with plans in place to refresh the setup with a decorative print wrap.