Countdown recognised our retail expertise would be valuable in the implementation of their new Fresh experience overlay.

Taking the Big idea from Countdown’s advertising agency Ogilvy, we transformed the creative concept into market ready elements for network roll out including:

  • Creation of automated ticketing templates and development of ticket holders to work with the new wooden surrounds

  • Introduction of magnetised pricing for larger format POS, to enable easy management of the value message

  • Recommendations on sustainable POS solutions and procurement management

  • Testing and prototyping of all elements in a live store environment for executive approval, then roll-out across the network.


Our focus was to:

  • Deliver a communication hierarchy that enabled stronger, more consistent delivery of key messages

  • Provide a communications matrix, by customer zone, as a guideline tool for communications implementation and overlay

  • Recommend sustainable POS solutions that reduce ongoing hard cost and operational implementation time

  • Test and prototype the recommendations in a live store environment, then roll-out across the network.

This programme continues to be rolled-out through the network and has already delivered 6 figure plus savings in a short period.